Arco Machinery Movers: Get to Know Your Moving Specialist Better

We here at Arco Machinery Movers are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our relocation and moving services. Our team believes that an important part of that is establishing a good rapport with each client so that we can better understand their needs. Of course, we know that an ideal business relationship is not unlike a two-way street. Learning about how our company came to be and what drives us forward can assure you that your business is indeed in great hands.

Our History

Arco Machinery Movers was established on May 2016 by current General Manager, Russell Lane. Upon acquiring the assets of a company in the verge of bankruptcy, Mr. Lane stepped in to steer it into a new direction. Under a new name, the business was relocated to a new building with over 150,000 square feet on a 12.5 acre property in Blackhawk Park Ave., Rockford, IL. Under Mr. Lane’s leadership, the company has successfully rebranded itself into what is now a flourishing rigging and machinery moving business.

Since its establishment, Arco Machinery Movers has seen significant growth in overall sales. The company has even added a Millwright service to its already expansive previous lineup. Today, the Arco Machinery Movers is regarded as a leading moving and rigging specialist, and the team behind it ensures that the company keeps moving forward. The long term goal for the business is to become a regional rigging and millwright business that serves the Chicago, Rockford, Milwaukee, Janesville and Madison areas.

Our Team

Arco Machinery Movers is a team of professionals with years of experience in the dynamic industry of moving and rigging. At the helm of our company is Mr. Russell Lane, a veteran in manufacturing, service and distribution sales with years of global experience. The skills he acquired in a long career has allowed us to remain on top of our game.

Working alongside Mr. Lane is a highly competent group of individuals who are dedicated to providing customers with quality services. Steve Richards, Wally Guffey, Derek Dauber, Ken Rockwell, Jason Parsons and John Jurgens make up our team of reliable and specially trained team of riggers. Meanwhile Donna Richards, Melanie Harris and Linda Reyna serve as the proficient office staff of Arco Machinery Movers.

Arco Machinery Movers has overcome significant milestones in its brief but eventful history. We only hope that you, our valued customers, can continue to join us in our journey. If you wish to learn more about our company and our services, call (815) 633-1285 or send an email to